July 23, 2021

The three things that really matter on your website.

These are our top three things to consider when you are building a new website for your business

Are you telling your story?

Your business is what you have created, it is a culmination of the blood, sweat and tears, the passion and vision of you and your key team members. Your prospective clients will buy into this story, people love to support businesses that are real, offer legitimate and excellent services and who are constantly striving to do better.

Your website needs to be built around your story, who you are, what you do, what drives you and why they should jump on board with you and enjoy the value of your skill and knowledge.

Tell your story.

The importance of good images

Are your images really showcasing what you do, your product or service and just how damn good they are? Many people get a website and then struggle to find the right images, give up trying and then load up all the existing shots they have. Sadly, many of these images and usually low resolution, are a bad representation of their brand and just drag down the professional first impression of a new visitor to their new website.

Investing in a great photo-shoot is absolutely worth the money. If you get 30 images that really showcase what your business is about then these can be used on your website, your Google My Business page, your Facebook, and other social platforms, and your marketing on-line and off-line.

Great images are on the of the best key communication mediums of our time.

Make sure they are perfect, so you make the best first impression.

Get your content right.

Google ideally likes around 500-600 words per page for it to notice you and like what you're promoting. Slapping up a couple of sentences or just migrating what you have on your old site to your new site is just not a good idea.

  • Make sure your content isn't out of date and accurately reflects what your current service or product offerings are.
  • Make sure you include all the key ingredients to ensure that Google likes your content (so that it picks your pages up easily for ranking).
  • Make sure your content isn't too short or brief as this would be lacking the depth of information that Google is looking for.

If you are investing in a new website that usually means your old site is probably a few years old and so the content really does need a thorough review to ensure that it's an accurate portrayal of where your business is currently at and the changes in products and services that you now sell. 

Key point:

If you're investing in a new website, it is vital that you take the time to ensure it's going to be the perfect representation of your business for the increasingly savvy on-line audience.

Make sure it's done right

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