Jan 2021

Why you need great images on your website.

The importance of the image

Any website is made up of many essential parts. All these parts, if put together well, bring about a great and seamless user experience that builds on your brand, business kudos and helps to increase interest, clients and inevitably, revenue. 

One of the top 5 essentials of any website must be the images. These can be images of your services or products, images of your vans and offices, images of your staff or the work that you have completed. 

You have all been to a website and gone “ouch” when you loaded the first page and up came a grainy, out-of-focus image of something. This initial experience then set the tone of your experience with the entire communication from that particular business and more often than not, it actually put you off wanting to buy or interact with the shop or business. It is that cut-and-dry. 

Images can make or break your website.

In today’s world with literally trillions of digital images flashing on the web (There are around 1.8 billion digital images loaded everyday) it’s vital that the images you have are crisp, on-point and really work alongside all the written content on your site to enhance and drive greater engagement and consumer involvement with your business offering.

Images also need to be optimised, second worse to a grainy image is one that loads in segments over several seconds. Like a slow-motion car crash – it destroys the website experience and turns interest to despair. What was a potential client is now a gone-burger.

Do it right

Make sure you have high-res images that are either JPEG or PNG format and that the images are optimised well so that they still look fantastic but render well on your site on every device and do not impact the load speed(and Google ranking) on an mobile device.

To ensure that your full width images look good across any device big or small the recommended size is 2400 x 1600px.

Once you have your images loaded take time to review and ensure that they really to help the communicate the content of the page and what you are trying to get across. IMAGES HELP SELL you, your services, or your products. Do not let them let you down.

Review, amend, tweak, and ensure that everything is perfect.