Feb 2021

What really matters in 2021.

2021 has brought sweeping changes to the way people find and judge your business online.

What are these changes and how do they affect you?

In the past it was customary for a business to sell a somewhat stretched version of the truth through their website. Websites would be stuffed with content about how brilliant a business was, how much their clients adored then and just how better than anyone else’s their products were.

Along with this, websites were jammed full of key words and lengthy user-unfriendly descriptions to try to impress Google and get up the search rankings, often to the detriment of website users, and all in the hope that their site would be seen by more potential clients.

This has all this has changed.

2021 has dawned and brought with it a world that has evolved so quickly in the previous 12 months that everything from the way we work to the way we shop has been dramatically affected. With billions of people around the world staying home for months-on-end it’s meant a total reinvention of the way they look at life, the way they shop and the way they find what you are selling online.

Along with this has come a more savvy and diverse range of online audiences who know what they are looking for, want to know that what they are buying is the real deal, want to believe in your business, your work and what you are producing and will buy into your story if it strikes-a-chord and resonates with what they think and like.

The key to this is involving your audience, your on-line clients and anyone else that may interact with your website and its content.

The days of overstuffed, over self-promoting website content are long-gone. Your website is a platform to tell your story, to the local community and your area. People want to buy local, they want to help you succeed as well as getting a great product or service in return. Supporting local business is the catch-phrase of the 2020 - 2021 pandemic world.

Right now is the best chance you have of gaining loyal and local fans, clients and promoters of your business and service through a great website, even better message and a really good, honest product or service backed by authentic and outstanding customer service.

So, don’t do same-old, same-old. Think of a new angle, a real story about your business, tell the locals why they should believe in you and what you are supplying to them.

The key things are:

-       Tell your story and make it real

-       Communicate through your content the real message about your products or servcies

-       Speak to your clients clearly and in the right tone

-       Be helpfully and informative – share your knowledge so it builds trust right away.

-       Show them that you care about the community around you as well.

Remember that your website is going be seen by more people now than ever before, we are all going on-line 50% more in 2021 than before this global event started.

Make the most of the increased audiences to grow your business.