Meet the Team at Trigger Digital

Digital should be about the basics, done well.

We're certainly not full of our own self importance but we do know our stuff and take an absolute pleasure in helping small businesses thrive. In fact that's what some of us have been doing since the late 90s. I get excited about sharing my knowledge with you and watching you succeed.

Photo of Tom Steward

Design is about engagement. We create websites that meet the needs of your ideal audience.

Any digital design should be started with the end-user in mind and worked backward from there. The entire reason you have a digital presence is to grow your brand and grow your client base. It needs to be done right so the correct message gets to the correct audience. That way you get the chance at the best return on your investment.

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I love to solve business marketing problems through the use of branding and creative media.

Branding and design is about selling a product or service through visual story telling. Encouraging people to connect with your brand and turn them into loyal customers. I have experience with many other creative practices such as photography, video editing, art and sketching. I have a passion for creating high end brands that drive revenue.

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Social Media Marketing is a social science - it's not about shouting or pushing a product.

Your social business followers need to be nurtured in order to keep them loving your brand, or to attract them to loving your brand so it's about carefully curating messages that appeal and engage socially to your demographic. These are hard won fans and a captive audience for your business if done right - it's really worth taking the time to ensure any communication on these channels is bang-on.

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