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Brand new website design for one of New Zealand's leading skate park designers

RICH Landscapes is a specialist Landscape Architectural firm. Qualified, experienced and forward looking in the creative art of Skate Park Design and Play Space Developments.

RICH Landscapes website design
Rich Landscapes


With hundreds  of pages of content containing many successfully completed projects, Rich Landscapes has become on of Australasia’s leading Skate Park Design teams. They wanted to refresh their website so that it could be used to effectively showcase their work and in such a way that it did not overwhelm the website visitor with too much information all at once. 


With close co-ordination with the RICH Landscapes team, we were able to nail down a clear website brief and plan that would maintain the SEO ranking of the website but would also revolutionise the way that their project and experience was  displayed. Along with this was a careful migration of all blogs and content, SEO and images to ensure that no valuable Search gains were lost in the transition.

RICH Landscapes website design mockup
The Outcome

A visually appealing website showcasing RICH Landscapes' amazing array of brilliant projects.

This unique and captivating website design includes the use of video and clear navigation pathways that direct the website visitor quickly and effectively to the relevant information.

We recently engaged Trigger Digital to undertake the redesign of our website and they have done an exceptional job in taking our ideas with their professional experience to produce a great website to meet our needs. They were super prompt in responding to our queries and feedback and we really enjoyed working with them.

Richard Smith
RICH Landscapes