Jul 2020

Can you make my logo bigger?

This is one of those questions that designers hate with a vengeance. The real and honest answer is probably no

"No" is not coming from a blunt stubbornness because the designer has an ego, it is actually coming from a deep understanding of what online audiences are looking for in any web interaction. A logo that's too big is a bit like shouting at your visitors.

A website is made up of many component parts that all work together to give an overall picture of what you are about, what your business is selling and why the punters book or buy what you are trying to sell.

Visitors to your website aren’t actually there to look at your logo - they’re there to buy a service or product from you, or to find out more about you.

While your logo and brand are super important and it has to absolutely reflect your business personality, making your logo bigger doesn’t always address this.

Remember that your logo will be on your business cards, on your promotions and on your website. It is part of an overall message that you want to get across to your customers. It doesn't need to be the only message.

So, think about the bigger picture and what experience you want your website visitors to have. Do you want a BIG logo shouting out your name, or do you want this to be part of a complete communication about you, your brand, and your specific area of expertise.

Sometimes it is good to listen to the professionals and let them be part of your website process. If you've chosen a good team to work with then they will have made many websites before yours and will know what works best.

So keep you logo in proportion to the rest of your message and all should be just perfect.

Have a look at some real life examples: