Jan 2021

The low-down on Google Ads.

Managed well, Google Ads can deliver great results, but poorly managed ads will drain your budget with little or no return. There are several things to watch out for, but these are the main ones you should get right:

  1. Thorough research into the key search terms and key audiences for the product or service that you are promoting needs to be done well. This includes     understanding your competitors and their key search terms and who else you might be competing with for the same audience.
  2. You’re marketing into a field where the competition is fierce, and you simply might not have the budget to beat the others in the bidding for your ads to show. In this case you need to consider revisiting the research and looking into niche markets where you’ll be able to get some return.
  3. Getting your daily budget spend right is critical. Too low and your ads will appear a minimal number of times or not at all. Google will always show those that have the best budget and best bidding first. So, if you don’t     have the budget your ads will just not show. 

Remember that advertising with Google Ads is a bidding war with your competition who are going for the same audience and promoting a similar or same product or service. Whoever has the bigger budget and is willing to spend more per click (PPC – Pay Per click) is going to win every time. 

So, it goes back to your research. If you have a good team working with you, they will look for longer tail search terms and niche markets that are not in the main bidding frenzy and will give you better returns and often using a smaller budget. 

Final point

Just remember that with any marketing you have in place you need to measure, review, tweak and then repeat. Whether you have someone damn good doing it all for you or you're managing it all yourself it’s important to stay ahead of the game, measure your results and make any necessary changes so that your spend returns an increase in clients and business. 

We're happy to chat about your website or your marketing if you feel you’re just not getting the results expected so reach out to us if you want.