Zarina Mechera

Trigger Project Manager

Zarina is a fast moving digital wizard, friendly, enthusiastic and customer focused. Backed with a zest for making your website perfect she is our go-to account project manager.

Having worked for large overseas and New Zealand digital agencies, Zarina brings to our team 7 years of global digital experience. She has a masters degree in IT - so she knows her stuff - and will work closely with you to keep it simple, make it sassy and get things sorted.

Her love for computers dates back to her school years when the first PC was bought for her classroom. Eventually, as she grew older, she realised that computers could do far more than her primary senses could perceive. It was logical for her to follow her love and passion for technology.

This all translated into her striving to make the best of life, her education and eventually leaving her home and to travel across the world to start a new life in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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Zarina Mechera

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Testimonials & Reviews

Tom came to our auction house and he gave me great advice. When he left, we had a plan of action and settled a price appropriate to the size of my business. We will most definitely go forward and do more - I say we because with Tom's back up you know you are not alone!

Jeanie Benson - Auction Professionals