Aug 2020

What is UX and is it really needed?

UX, or User Experience is all about how your website visitors are going to interact with the layout and content of your website.

This is one of those important steps in building or refreshing any website that has to be done and done well.

A good User Experience that has been designed around your specific products and the type of customers that will like and book or buy them will go a long way to ensuring that those website visitors have the best chance at liking what you have to offer, enjoying the flow and layout of your website and, most importantly becoming clients.

User experience takes into account:

  • Understand your business objectives.
  • Get to know the specific users.
  • Understand your user objectives.
  • Review your website’s analytics.
  • Complete a hand’s on evaluation.
  • Compile findings and make recommendations.
  • Key takeaways that you can action on to sort out what has been found.

When would you need a UX Audit?

The main reasons for getting a UX Audit would be if you have an existing website and it’s just not getting you any new business.

A UX Audit won’t solve the problems, but it will outline where you have serious problems and blocks to new prospective clients. 

I will also provide answers to the following questions:

-What is working on your website?

-What is not?

-Where are you engaging website visitors

-Where are you not?

-Where are the holes on your website’s content or flow?

A well done UX audit should provide you with valuable information about your website and an action plan of steps that you can take to remedy the issues that have been identified.

The most important result of a well done UX audit and the resulting changes made to your website is increased conversions and happier website visitors staying on your site and interacting with you and your business offering.

Remember that a great User Experience means you get more clients :)