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We're a bunch of online experts who provide affordable and expert digital support for small businesses. We do this while ensuring that we have a positive impact socially, environmentally and within our communities.

We're certainly not full of our own self importance but we do know our stuff and take an absolute pleasure in helping small businesses thrive. In fact that's what we have been doing for the last 20+ years. This is our new direction and hopefully we can bring you along for the ride.

We're excited about sharing our knowledge with you and to help you succeed, not just within your business but within your own community.

Feel free to reach out, no pressure, no l-o-n-g meetings and brain numbing conversations about technology. Just real help about real digital issues.

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I'm so grateful to Tom and the team at Trigger for bringing my vision to life through a fantastic new website. Tom took the time to really listen to my story, understand who I am, what I do and my personal style, and has brought that to life in the website.

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