Social Media Marketing

Using the power of Facebook and Instagram to build your business socially.

Powering up Facebook and Instagram.

Both Facebook and Instagram offer an amazing chance for you to get your brand out into the streams of your ideal clients.

These are social platforms – so be very careful in what you promote here. Bland, generic same-old, same-old advertising is not for Social Media Marketing. This is where millions go to dream, to connect, to interact and to follow and be inspired. Your business has a place here if it's done well and follows proven principals already in place.

That's why it’s valuable to use a team that can help curate the right message and build a loyal and interacting public with what you offer.

The benefits of Social Media marketing.

These are great platforms with very effective marketing tools that also have the potential to be run at a lower costs than Google Ads marketing, but the message needs to be crafted well and appeal to the audiences that you want your products and services to reach. If done right, the results can be great.

Remember, as mentioned previously, these are fundamentally social platforms, so your posts need to be warm, friendly and spark that human response. This is the warm and fuzzy stuff.

If your message isn't carefully constructed it can negatively affect your hard-won fans, and even potentially turn them away.

We offer social media marketing solutions and can build a campaign around your ideas, your needs and what it is you want to achieve. So, reach out to us and let's help to build your brand.

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I needed to work with digital and design professionals who could understand the vision of this global sporting event and who could deliver exactly the digital assets needed and under agile schedules. They were able to turnaround the assets required within time, and to budget. Tom & Brian and the Trigger Digital team were my preferred choice. They delivered an excellent set of America's Cup digital promotional projects. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Carmen White
America's Cup Event Ltd